4 New Cocktail Party Venues With Built-In Decor


Check out these venues in the LA area:1. Downtown’s Salvage Bar & Lounge opened in September with room for 150. Located in the 1926 landmark building now known as the Roosevelt Residences, Salvage’s interior elements mix modern design with fixtures and materials left behind from the building’s original construction.
2. Opened in June is the Library lounge at the bohemian-inspired Redburyhotel in Hollywood. On the second floor, the space is filled with covered books and tufted leather seating. The venue has a capacity of 125 people.3. Opened in May in the former Guys & Dolls space in West Hollywood, the Beverlymarks Guy Starkman’s second collaboration with Darren Dzienciol, Brent Bolthouse, and Jenifer Rosero, who opened Trousdale in 2010. The Beverly is available for buyout, with a capacity of 250 and decor inspired by the Industrial Revolution.4. Opened in January 2011 in Hollywood, 5,000-square-foot Edenhas room for 450 guests. A mirrored vestibule leads to an outdoor area complete with mature trees, and the patio bar is adorned with a 10-foot-diameter sculptured teak-root back bar.—Alesandra Dubin

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