My Old Car Gets Smashed while in my New One!

Charmaine with Toyota image

I’m so glad I bought my car when I did.  Two days after I bought my 2012 Toyota Corolla, my old car got hit!  My old car was parked in front of my house and this lady hit it head on.  It doesn’t work now – undrivable!  (She’s ok)

Searching for a new car can be fun but scary.  I visited 5 different dealerships and each time I entered the lot I felt like live bait in a shark tank.  At one of them I was actually cornered as the sales guy and the manager kept asking what could they do so I could drive off with a new car!  What a turn off!

That’s one thing I liked about Hooman Toyota in Long Beach.  I didn’t feel pressured.  What cinched the deal was the knowledgeable sales person and that this dealership offers more complimentary services besides the general Toyota Care.  Hooman Toyota offers, FOR THE LIFE OF THE CAR:

  • FREE oil changes
  • FREE tires
  • FREE car washes

If you’re looking for a car, I highly recommend you visit Hooman Toyota and ask for Rico.  Call him at (562) 494-4444 and tell him Charmaine referred you!

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Holy Event Marketer






Easter is an American tradition with the Easter Bunny, candy and fun-colored eggs.   But it is also a Christian religious holiday where Jesus has resurrected after the third day of his crucifixion.

I usually do not discuss religious issues in public forums but I must share this one.  On Easter Sunday I dreamed that Jesus was trying to give a sermon to thousands of people on a beach front.  I was next to him on a hill and we were looking down upon the crowd similar to the picture of the beach here.  He turned to me and said that only the people nearest us can hear him.  He then asked me how can he reach all of the people who have gathered.

When he turned to me I knew that my capacity was that of his event coordinator!  I was Jesus’ event planner!  I had to think quickly how I could broadcast his speech to the masses on the shore.  Since it was current day, and MOST people have smartphones,  I used my iPhone to video tape him and stream it live on Ustream.  Then I tweeted the url of the link to the live broadcast and he continued his speech :)

Written by:

Charmaine Wilkerson



Cupcake Bores


CupcakeThe latest episodes of the Food Network’s, Cupcake Wars, has been bombarding us with utterly empty and simple shows that they should change the name to Cupcake Bores.

When I started watching the show last year I thought it was somewhat entertaining.  But after 2 to 3 months of flavors, tears, and cupcakes, the show grew stale (no punn intented) and unimaginative.

By now in 2012, the painful and total lack of imagination content, is nothing but a bore that may only attract a handful of nothing-to-do housewives.  Not once has there been new ideas or unique recipes to justify the show’s existence.

In the name of intelligence and good taste, will Food Network please change the recipes and tearful, plastic participants to invigorating cupcakes perhaps based on shrimp, beef, vegetables or even wine?

By: Liliana Wilkerson

Gas Prices: Are we just going to take it!

Anyone fed up with rising gas prices? Does anyone listen!

By Liliana Wilkerson
The highest gas price in California on March 1, 2012 was at a Chevron gas station charging $5.89 a gallon (according to

We are sick and tired of the lack of respect of the oil companies and the lack of concern from the government toward the great majority of the suffering tax payers.

If it is not one thing it’s another to make our lives a hell to bear that makes us want to throw every politician, regardless of denomination, out of this country for good.

The function of a regular, moral government, besides screaming for taxes, is to protect us from abusive practices such as the gas crisis.  We pay them dearly for this obligation.

Who needs wars in another continent, and for us to participate in, when an internal war is brewing in our own soil.  Millions of citizens are fed up with the stupidity, ignorance and lack or morals of our so-called politicians and practices of the oil companies!

2012 Academy Awards Governor’s Ball

Written by Charmaine Wilkerson

Wolfgang Puck has been the Oscar’s Governor’s Ball celebrity chef for 18 years and I  have had the pleasure to see him as I worked the event, on and off, for the past 10 years.  He has always wowed the celebrity guests with his impeccable service and impressionable dishes.

This year, for the first time, he is creating a complete buffet-style dinner instead of his traditional combination of sit-down dinner and butlered style service.

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