Cupcake Bores

CupcakeThe latest episodes of the Food Network’s, Cupcake Wars, has been bombarding us with utterly empty and simple shows that they should change the name to Cupcake Bores.

When I started watching the show last year I thought it was somewhat entertaining.  But after 2 to 3 months of flavors, tears, and cupcakes, the show grew stale (no punn intented) and unimaginative.

By now in 2012, the painful and total lack of imagination content, is nothing but a bore that may only attract a handful of nothing-to-do housewives.  Not once has there been new ideas or unique recipes to justify the show’s existence.

In the name of intelligence and good taste, will Food Network please change the recipes and tearful, plastic participants to invigorating cupcakes perhaps based on shrimp, beef, vegetables or even wine?

By: Liliana Wilkerson

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