Gas Prices: Are we just going to take it!

Anyone fed up with rising gas prices? Does anyone listen!

By Liliana Wilkerson
The highest gas price in California on March 1, 2012 was at a Chevron gas station charging $5.89 a gallon (according to

We are sick and tired of the lack of respect of the oil companies and the lack of concern from the government toward the great majority of the suffering tax payers.

If it is not one thing it’s another to make our lives a hell to bear that makes us want to throw every politician, regardless of denomination, out of this country for good.

The function of a regular, moral government, besides screaming for taxes, is to protect us from abusive practices such as the gas crisis.  We pay them dearly for this obligation.

Who needs wars in another continent, and for us to participate in, when an internal war is brewing in our own soil.  Millions of citizens are fed up with the stupidity, ignorance and lack or morals of our so-called politicians and practices of the oil companies!

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