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Easter is an American tradition with the Easter Bunny, candy and fun-colored eggs.   But it is also a Christian religious holiday where Jesus has resurrected after the third day of his crucifixion.

I usually do not discuss religious issues in public forums but I must share this one.  On Easter Sunday I dreamed that Jesus was trying to give a sermon to thousands of people on a beach front.  I was next to him on a hill and we were looking down upon the crowd similar to the picture of the beach here.  He turned to me and said that only the people nearest us can hear him.  He then asked me how can he reach all of the people who have gathered.

When he turned to me I knew that my capacity was that of his event coordinator!  I was Jesus’ event planner!  I had to think quickly how I could broadcast his speech to the masses on the shore.  Since it was current day, and MOST people have smartphones,  I used my iPhone to video tape him and stream it live on Ustream.  Then I tweeted the url of the link to the live broadcast and he continued his speech :)

Written by:

Charmaine Wilkerson



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